Earth Reinforcement Testing

Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

Condition assessment renders information about the integrity of earth reinforcements including structural integrity and the condition of  corrosion protection measures such as physical barriers, high alkaline grouts, and zinc coating for galvanized steel  reinforcements. Corrosion protection measures may be affected by installation details, workmanship or degradation due to in service conditions. Knowledge of existing condition is a prerequisite for forecasting future performance.

ERTesting applies nondestructive tests to probe the elements in situ, and may also exhume selected elements for destructive testing. Nondestructive tests include in situ electrochemical tests for half-cell potential and corrosion rate,  and mechanical tests based upon utlrasonic, impulse response, and sonic echo techniques.

Physical observations on exhumed reinforcements include measurements of remaining section, stripping and weighing, optical measurements, and tensile strength tests.

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