Earth Reinforcement Testing

Industries Served

ERTesting attracts clients from transportation and other government agencies, railway operators, dam operators, utilities, suppliers of earth reinforcements, contractors, the legal profession, and other private industries. As an associate member of the Association for Metallically Stabilized Earth (AMSE), we have ongoing relationships with suppliers and installers of earth reinforcements. Under the auspices of McMahon & Mann, and in service to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP),  ,we helped to develop and implement the current test protocols for condition assessment and evaluation of earth reinforcements. With this background, ERTesting served as a consultant to the Federal Highway Administration to update the most recent edition of the manual "Corrosion/Degradation of Soil Reinforcements for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls and Slopes" (FHWA-NHI-09-087). This manual describes the factors affecting the durability of earth reinforcements, and mature technologies and test protocols for corrosion monitoring and durability studies of MSE systems.   This mannual describes the 

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